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We all know it's difficult to find referrals for your best program.  You could advertise on adboards etc but that could take days with little response.

Well we have the answer without joining those aboards and posting endless ads every day or joining downline builders or even paying for advertising.

At Swap Referrals 365 you can find a free-to-join site or post a site you want referrals for.

This site is free to post a referral link on the condition you click the banner below 

  • To submit your program you must first join ours
  • If you don't want to join, you can submit your own program for $1.35
  • Your site must be free to join - optional upgrades are allowed
  • Your site must be online - they are checked prior to approval
  • Admin reserve the right to refuse a site that is not related to money-making or home business etc
  • Your site must not be restricted to just one country
  • Your site must not contain excessive popups, prompts to download or to stay on the page
  • We use an anti-virus and security program to check all links
  • As someone comes to the site, they will see a list of available sites to join
  • You are only allowed to submit one link
  • We are not responsible for any site you join once you leave this page

The program we ask you to join is free.  All we ask is you visit the site.


Click the banner - visit the site - fill out the advertising form


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